Indoor Play For Shopping Centres

The shopping centre arena is highly competitive

How can an indoor play environment help a centre gain the competitive edge and enhance business opportunities?

Provides a Differentiator from Competitors

It is proven that parents will choose to shop in a centre that has a focus on child care and soft play facilities

Provides an Attraction that Widens the Appeal

It is proven that people are prepared to travel at least 30 minutes further to a shopping centre that provides safe child care and play facilities

Enhances Customer Retention

It is proven that customer retention is higher in those centres that have indoor soft play installation and that children themselves can be the main drivers for repeat visits

Opens up Promotional and Marketing Opportunities

Special themed days or promotional offers can be linked to using the play area and it provides an ideal opportunity for sponsorship. Companies such as Nestle have used soft play areas as a platform for sponsorship

Creates Child Care Facilities so Parents can shop knowing their Children are well cared for in a Safe Play Environment

It is proven that the average expenditure can be increased up to 30% when parents are free of having to care for their children whilst they shop

Increases Revenue

It is proven that indoor soft play areas generate enough revenue to pay back the capital costs of an installation within two to three years