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Throughout the first years at kindergarten and school, play is one of the most important activities to develop social and physical skills

How can an indoor soft play area create an exciting and safe environment where the play experience can provide challenges which enhance children's development?

Enhances Social Skills

Indoor soft play areas actively encourage children to develop their social skills, travelling through the soft play area requires tolerance of other children playing, encouraging their play friends to take on challenges and negotiating

Increases Physical and Motor Skills

In today’s society children are exposed to less and less physical activity, this indoor play environment is a safe and exciting way to encourage and stretch children’s physical capabilities

Develops Communication and Language Skills

The variety of play experiences within a soft indoor play area and the stimulation of the shapes, artwork and physical challenges all lead to an environment for encouraging speech and language skills. Stimulating a child’s imagination creates an ideal platform for extending and introducing new language

Helps to assist Children to access Risks and Challenges in a Safe Environment

It provides children with the opportunity to test themselves whilst providing as safe as possible environment. Younger children can follow their peers and attempt challenges that extend their capabilities. Children can work together or singularly, older children can learn to guide younger children

Creates an Environment where a Child’s Imagination is Unlimited

This type of play environment immediately transports a child into their imaginary world, sensory play features also stimulate the child’s imagination, play areas become castles, boys become knights, girls become princesses, slides are the backs of dragons and ball ponds become the sea, there are no limits!